Monday, July 4, 2016

Walking Walking and more Walking

Today I woke up at my latest so far (almost 12 pm). However I was very excited today because I would finally end up watching The Purge: Election Year (very fitting for the Fourth of July). However, we realized the bus schedules were not running because it was a government holiday so we ended up having to walk 2.7 miles to get there and another 2.7 miles back (overall 5 miles). It was almost an hour walk but it was pretty good exercise and it felt great getting there and being able to sit back and watch a movie that I had been waiting for to come out. I enjoyed it a lot and it really gave insight on the values of individuals in America in a way which is the hidden message I really liked about it. After the movie we went check out different shops such as American Eagle, Victoria Secret and Old Navy. I had went to Old Navy because I wanted to return something I bought yesterday which was too big on me. I was disappointed about it but luckily I found a nice top about french fries in Victoria Secret for a good deal and me being the french fry connoisseur I am could not resist buying it.

We walked back to Cornell and by the time we made it back we missed most of the Cornell BBQ things however me and my friend decided to lie out in the grass at the quad which I found really fun and we just played music and browsed the internet. My highlight was that some girls were playing Nigerian music on the speaker and I went up to them and started asking them about it. As someone that is obsessed with Nigerian music (with Afrobeats being one of my favorite music genres) it was nice to see someone that shared the same taste.

After that I chilled a little bit at my friends dorm before heading back to my own dorm for check in. It was a great day but all fun has to come to an end with classes starting up tomorrow.

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