Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Homework and Afrobeats

Today was a very similar morning routine to the others I had however, today was the last day we would have our professor, Professor Wildeman. He had concluded his unit on mass incarceration and it was an excellent topic. Today he finalized things having to do with the death penalty, three strikes rule and taking away prisons in general and we had to decide how we favored each one for the United States and why. I actually found the taking away prisons one extremely interesting because in Scandanavia prisons aren't as harsh as they are in the United States and instead prisoners are made to integrate somewhere else in society which I find super cool. My group however was the Three Strikes Policy and it was interesting to have that topic because this policy is most commonly used in California and what it does is gives a huge sentence to people that do three crimes. However, the flaw in this policy is that most of the third strike offenses are non violent crimes so it's like going to jail for 50 years because one got caught stealing a candy bar three times. And as such a progressive state I found the law to be quite the opposite. So it was interesting seeing the flip side to how things in my state's government run. 

At the end of class I ended up staying at my professors office hours for about three hours because we had a paper that was basically due tonight. The professor is an extremely harsh grader so I made sure that he helped me with my paper as much as he could and I made sure that everything was right. When his office hours ended I even went to our TA, Emily, and asked her to help me with my paper to make sure everything was perfect. She was extremely helpful as well and even gave me an Insomniac cookie. It definitely was hard clicking the submit button for the paper but it felt a little bit better knowing how much help I had received. 

After I turned in my paper, I moved on to doing work for my group project coming up. However after working so hard today I decided to destress and teach Diana a contemporary Nigerian dance move called the Shoki. It's basically a dance that's "in" with a bunch of Nigerian and other West African youth (similar to the fame of the Dab) and it's a fun dance to try and master. I put on a Nigerian song to dance to it and it was really cool to see Diana taking interest in my culture and the music because not many people try to take advantage of that (seriously, Nigerian music is amazing!), She did really good and I know she will get better.

Overall it was a very stressful day at first however it ended up being a very fun day towards the end! 

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