Saturday, July 2, 2016

First Time Laser Tagging

My roommate wakes me up at 11:00 AM to ask me if I want to go to breakfast with her and her friend, Zoe. I usually can't fall back asleep all that easily so I get ready to go eat breakfast. I seemed to be especially clumsy today and ended up dropping my plate of chicken nuggets, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I cleaned it up quickly and got another plate of them. After finishing breakfast I make plans with Zoe to go to the mall for laser tag. My roommate is leaving for the weekend to go to a July 4th party so she couldn't come. 

We take the bus to Ithaca Mall at 1:00 PM and go laser tag with 16 people. It was crazy! I was super scared when I first walked in. It was super dark and I wasn't ready for people to walk in and shoot me with a laser gun. Thankfully, we were on teams so it wasn't a complete war zone. I basically stayed in the same area the entire time because I was too scared to move around. After the first round I get a better hang of it and start shooting while moving around. It was really funny because I ran into rooms where I knew people were and shot them while they were surprised. I probably didn't do so well score wise, but all that matters is that I had fun. 

After laser tag, we all split up and watch different movies in smaller groups. We split to go watch Legend of Tarzan, Finding Dory, and Free State of Jones. I watched Free State of Jones, which was about a man who runs away from his post during war and creates a territory where he doesn't allow the government to take any of his belongings for the war and is free to others who don't wish to have their belongings taken away. I honestly fell asleep through half of it, but it was apparently pretty good. After the long time spent with so many people I realized that I really do enjoy my alone time and prefer small groups over large groups. 

We came back on the bus and went to go eat dinner. This time I spilled spaghetti on myself. It got on my shoes and thigh. It was pretty bad, but I moved on and ate four slices of their delicious beef brisket. It had black beans and a whole bunch of other stuff that made it taste super good. After dinner I go down to the basement to do my laundry. It's been a while since I've done laundry and along with the tricky part about paying to start the machines I was a complete mess. Quite literally, especially after I popped my detergent tub too hard and got some detergent on myself. Thankfully, Zoe lends me some of hers so I didn't have to pop a second Tide tub. After it finishes washing I stick it in the dryer before taking all my clothes back to my dorm. It hasn't been the best day for me with so many spills and messes, but I met lots of different friends and did new things today. With that said, I'm going to sleep early so I have lots of energy for tomorrow's trip to the state park. 

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  1. Really enjoyed your insights about your classes and figure that if you're going to have a clumsy day, let it be a weekend one. Happy 4th of July. May it sparkle and bang!