Friday, July 1, 2016

The End of the School Week

The day started out with my usual routine. I had made it to my Public Policy class and was excited to see a new professor. He was going to be taking over our mass incarceration unit of the class. I was excited about this because I am someone that is very into mass incarceration and how it affects the system and minorities in the system so it was very interesting to watch. He talked about many books that I knew about such as The New Jim Crow. We talked about the racial inequalities within the mass incarceration system and why that might be. This topic was definitely the most interesting to me. Also, we could see a lot more differences in the new professor and the old professors styles of teaching. Such as how the new professor was super weirded out by the fact that no one had any type of technology out, which was highly required from our old professor.

We got into discussion and the new professors discussion method was a lot different from the old one. He wanted us to get into groups and decide the percentage we liked for certain rules and things regarding mass incarceration however one thing I didn't really like in this new style was how we sort of had to agree with our whole group because I knew that my views were definitely different from my group but we didn't get time to debate our different views like the last professor. Regardless, this new professor is super cool.

After class I went home to work on college applications. It started pouring so I definitely didn't want to stay outside. However I came out later in the evening to take a jog around the campus hiking trails which was pretty fun. When it started raining (or pouring more like it) I decided to head home.

That basically composed most of my day. It was a less eventful day however I'm happy to be done with my first week of classes. I'm even happier at the fact that we will have a three day weekend. So I'm excited for tomorrow and the weekend to come.

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