Monday, July 4, 2016

Walking Four Miles

I woke up today to messages about going to the mall to watch the Purge. I quickly get up because lunch is about to end and as soon as I get up my noise starts gushing blood. My roommate thankfully gives me some tissues and I'm able to stop the bleeding relatively quickly. I clean up and head to the dining hall after I brush my teeth. After eating, Diana, from Minnesota, Kachi, and I start walking to the Ithaca Mall. It was a 50 minute 2 mile walk. Even though it took so long, the walk wasn't bad at all and we watch the Purge after arriving. 

The Purge was an alright movie. The scariest part was when one of the movie attendants walked in with a glow stick. After the movie we all talked about how it's this type of media that really desensitizes us to all the death and mistreatment that surrounds us. In other words, we get more used to the idea of all this death as we watch more of these types of movies, which isn't a good thing because it downplays our emotions of sympathy. I read in my textbook that sympathy and anger are what allow us to have many of the social justice movements we have today because when we sympathize with the suffering people around us and get angry, we're more likely to do something about it. So, our emotions are desensitized since we're so used to seeing it. 

We went around shopping for random things before starting another 50 minute walk back to the dining hall to eat dinner. We missed the field day, but the time spent at the mall was worth it. After eating dinner I went back to my room to do my reading and blogging for the night. 

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