Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Discussion Class
The lecture today was about mimicry. We also read an article about this and talked about it during discussion. It was basically that habits from one person can easily spread to another person, aka mimicry. It was super interesting because I had previously read about how married couples became more and more like each other as the years passed on. So, with what was said mimicry, it makes sense that married couples would be more like each other. One possible reasoning is that as you get more and more used to certain behaviors you realize that it is socially acceptable and everyone wants to be socially accepted and liked so you end up mimicking that behavior since you know that it is socially accepted. 

During discussion, we also took a test that showed whether or not you favored certain things over another --white over black people, abled over disabled people, etc. My test wasn't that surprising, but I can see how it can be very surprising. The test really shows what you inherently feel, but of course that doesn't mean you act that way. It might just be something that has been ingrained into you, but your logic and rationality end up telling your inner self that that's not okay. So, it was super interesting how there's that inner part of our beliefs that we can't necessarily control yet we still know how that inner part might be wrong and we'll go against our inner selves to go with the belief that you feel is more morally right. 

After eating lunch, I went back to my dorm before going out to have a meeting with the administration to talk about my summer college experience. Afterwards, Joceline and I walked to the Starbucks at College Town. We saw the New York Version of the this glass bottle we both got from the O'Hare Airport and just had to get it. It was super cool and nice in the Starbucks. 

I went back to my dorm and did my reading before going to eat dinner. There was Cornell chicken today, which was exciting compared to the last couple of day's options. Then, I played online mafia with some friends before playing actual mafia. It's a game where you try to figure out who the mafia are who are killing people. We played several rounds before I went back to my room. I called for early night check because I wanted to sleep early and then I took a shower before getting in bed. 

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