Saturday, July 2, 2016

Taking a Quiz

After my regular morning lecture I went to my discussion group and took my first quiz there. We got a sheet of paper with all the questions on it and then a little booklet that had bunch of lines for us to write our answers in. The quiz wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. I hope I did well. After class I checked my phone and read this email from Don about how the weather forecast asked how it was possible for it to be raining and sunny at the same time. I completely didn't believe Don when he said it was raining. It hadn't rained in a while and I didn't want to believe it because I didn't have my umbrella, but as soon as I see the outside it is heavily pouring. Thankfully, there were some nice people with umbrellas that walked me over to the dining hall. I walked back to my dorm after eating and took a nap.

At 4:40 PM I took a bus with others on my floor to downtown Ithaca and we went around the little boutique shops and art galleries. There was this one cool piece of a woman and when you looked at it from different angles the color of her skin would change. I bought some Polaroid Cards that were super cool. The cashier there saw it and told me she was going to buy them too for her significant other. Many of the other girls who went just so happened to be from Hong Kong and were complaining about how all of our coins didn't show what their value was on the coin. 

We went back to Cornell at 6:30 PM and then I went with that group to eat dinner. Afterwards, we had a floor meeting and then my roommate and I played Egyptian War while having a super long discussion about our likes and dislikes. I really liked getting closer to my roommate because I've wanted to talk to her more for a while, but haven't really gotten the chance because we're both really busy with the work from our classes. I really think other than the educational experience you gain from coming to these programs the interpersonal relationships you gain are also really important and useful. Just from talking to my roommate I learned so much about New York life and all the different things that they have compared to the West Coast. 

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