Saturday, July 9, 2016

~ Another Day Full of Writing~

 Today I woke up close to noon and headed out to lunch with Kachi and Diana. I am starting to get bored of the food at the dining hall so my meal is only consisting of pasta,chicken nuggets, and fries. Also with a  side of an Ice Cream Sundae I am getting really good at making them now and that part I will never get tired of.

Ice Cream made by Chef Diana
From there we all went to Uris library to go study and we stayed there 1 hour until it closed and I left to go to my dorm to work on my essay that was due at midnight. I stayed in the dorm just working on the essay of why Amundsen exhibited better leadership qualities. Which I concluded was due to preparation
, strategy/skill and finally optimism.  For Scott he had many flaws such as  lack of readiness, lack of optimism and horrible communication skills which resulted in his downfall as leader, and also ended fatal for himself and his entire crew. In the beginning Amundsen did make mistakes due to the fact of being scared to lose so he made a couple of irrational mistakes, but because Amundsen was such a good planner he left a gap for mistakes. Amundsen prepared for failure which resulted in  his success.That was the central idea of my essay. I think I did really good on it. I worked on it the whole day literally. To make things fun I ended up playing very loud salsa music in the background where Kachi started to dance to which was a nice little diversion.

When I finished my essay it was around the time of night check so I clicked submit, went to go check in and took a nap and of course woke up to blog.

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