Tuesday, July 5, 2016

~Week Two~

I woke up today at 7:30 AM, a little earlier than usual. I used that extra time to reread for today's  discussion. In the discussion we talked about Scott and Amundsen's race to the South Pole, We really just touched upon the subject -- we didn't get into it much.

After the discussion we went to the main lecture room so the professor could set the setting of Scott and Amundsen's 1911 race to the South Pole which really helped, but I wished he would have done that before I started reading the book. We got back our initial reflections and I got a B and the TA who graded my paper talked about how she liked my ideas it just needed to be rephrased so she told me her email and office hours so I can work on future essays to improve and  strive for that A.

I went to this other dining hall again which is so much better than the normal one and got a chicken Caesar burrito. YUM. I came back to my dorm to take a nap and woke up to reread everything from yesterday because I didn't  understand as well as I wanted to. After the second time reading it I understood everything and I really liked the book now and got a whole  new perspective. I  made a lot of notes about the difference in leadership between the two because I am sure that is what my next essay will be about. Though I gave myself  a lot of extra reading, but it wasn't to bad. 

From there on I just went to go buy some food from the convenience store and headed back to the dorm to finish my reading.
Roald Amundsen (far left) and his team stare at Norway’s flag that they planted at the South Pole on 14 December, 1911
Robert Falcon Scott (center rear) led the ill fated British team to the Pole (seen here) only to have arrived 34 days later.
Scott, and his entire team, perished on their return just 11 miles from their base camp.

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