Friday, July 8, 2016

Living the College Life!

Today I woke up around 8 and went to class at 9. It was a very interesting discussion in class today because we got to learn more about undocumented immigration and the moral aspects compared to the econmical aspects. Today we also saw a documentary on how life was for different undocumented Mexican immigrants such as a UCLA senior and a strawberry worker on the fields of Salinas. It was extremely interesting to see because in economics and public policy it's like we talk about people in terms of numbers so it was great seeing people in a more human way for once. Also, I liked the fact that we looked into the moral and emotional standpoint of the issue because other professors tried to make us stray away from it.

After the class I went to pick up some lunch and then headed off to meet with my group about our presentation for a little bit. We went over what we needed to do and how we had to start piecing everything together at once because exactly a week from now we would be presenting which is very hard to believe. I'm very nervous but I know our group will do fine.

After playing cards with Diana (and losing very badly in most of the games), me, Diana, Diana and Shuxin decided to head out to Ithaca mall to shop around. It was cool just wandering around the mall and buying cool and random stuff. I bought a face mask to use when I got home that night with was very fun. Before getting on the bus to the mall we got very lost but luckily there were so many nice people on the road to pave the way.

We then went back to Donlon and ordered pizza and some wings to go along with our music and some Uno card playing. It was very fun and it really made me feel like I was living the college life!

Overall it was a great day! I know tomorrow will be filled with a lot of work though.

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