Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coming Home

I actually started my morning super early because I was up until 2:30 AM eating insomnia cookies and ice cream with my friends in my room. My roommate and I ordered them around midnight and before they came we saw Janisse and invited her over. After we finished, we played cards and told each other "random tidbits" about each other. We were pretty loud and Adya from India eventually comes and we talk a whole lot more for a long time before going to sleep. This was probably one of my favorite moments at Cornell because we were all being loud and crazy without having to think about classwork since it had ended. 

I woke up and went to breakfast with the same group of people. We all talked some more before one by one they all checked out of their rooms. My check out time was at 11:30 AM because I signed up super late and that was the earliest one. After checking out, I gather all the stuff I had left --my bag, wallet, laptop, neck pillow, and water bottle-- and go downstairs because the facilities had to come clean the room and saw Minnesota Diana and Kachi. We hung out for a while and went to bear necessities before finally headed out to the bus stop to meet up with Mike to go to the airport. 

After checking in our bags and walking to our gate at the Syracuse Airport we finally boarded the plane to Atlanta. Mike checks the seats online and makes it so that each of us sit next to another person within our cohort on each plane ride. This was the first time that I got to sit next to Diana. It was super fun because we talked about funny stories before we both fell asleep. The ride honestly felt super long despite only being two hours. I was asleep for only about 30 minutes and it felt so long. 

After landing we hurried to our next gate because we didn't want any chance of being late to our connecting flight and having to stay another night. We had to ride the shuttle through four of the seven concourses so it was pretty cool. When we got to the right concourse, we decided where we would eat after looking at a map. We went to Sojourner's Cafe. I shared a pulled pork sandwich and fried chicken tenders. It was my dream to eat fried chicken while I was on this trip because I really like fried chicken. The chicken was so amazing. It was extremely tender and just melted in my mouth. I actually wished Diana and I each got a plate of fried chicken rather than share it. 

After eating, we bought some water and snacks for the 5 hour plane ride back to San Francisco. I planned on sleeping on the plane, but I surprisingly didn't do it. I'm actually really glad I didn't sleep because I got to watch Deadpool and almost finish How To Be Single. I also got an amazing view while flying into the city. After landing and grabbing our luggage, we walked outside and the Bay Area air felt so nice. For the first time in forever, the weather actually like what it looked like. Even if it looked cold in Ithaca it was still hot and I would sweat. I missed feeling the chilly air of the Bay Area. We took our shuttle back to El Cerrito and called our families to come get us. We took a photo at El Cerrito before we all headed home. I actually went to Daimo Restaurant and ate BBQ pork noodles, beef fried rice, boiled lettuce, and boiled Chinese broccoli. It was so good eating it. I really missed simple Chinese food while being over Cornell and I'm really glad that I came home to eat a lot of food that I really like. After going home, I took a shower and passed out sleeping. 

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