Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ithaca Has Weird Rain Cycles

The day started out with a huge amount of rain however as soon as I went outside the rain suddenly cleared. Which was very nice. I ended up going to class and the whole class looked very nervous and worried due to the fact that we had all submitted our papers right before class. We also had a new professor today, Professor Hall, who was going to be the teacher discussing our immigration unit. It was interesting discussing this unit because I ended up seeing just how conservative my class was in terms of immigration and just in general. It was definitely a different environment than what I am used to. However it was very interesting hearing the points on those anti immigration and also breaking down Clinton and Trump's thoughts when it comes to immigration.

After the class I headed off to the Uris library to find Diana and we then headed off to our interview with Janna, the associate director of Summer College. She asked us mostly about how we were doing at Cornell and how our classes were going and she also told me how my class I am currently taking, Public Policy, is new at summer college so she wanted to see how well it was working. I told her how it was working really well and how the class is very interesting yet fast paced. It was fun talking to her and getting to tell someone about our summer college experience in person. I hope I could see her again in the next few days to come.

After the interview, me, Diana and Diana (pronounced Deeana), went to Insomnia cookie to buy ice cream sandwiches for the super hot day, then headed off to get ready to go to hiking. Hiking was very fun and we took a different path from last week. This path contained a shaking bridge that I had to run across because there was no way I was going to stand on a shaking bridge like everyone else was doing. We went and saw two different sides to the gorges and it was absolutely gorgeous (no pun intended)! The hike was then cut short by another wave of intense rain.

Right after that I had decided to take a walk however I didn't explore much within that walk since I was already tired from my hiking trip. I then went back to Balch and hung out in the lobby until bed! Overall the day was very tiring but it was fun and I got to know more about campus!

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