Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mediocre Movies and Walking

I had to emphasize the walking in this blog, because boy did I walk a lot today. I woke up trying to make it to breakfast at almost 9 AM. Most of Summer College was going to see The Legend of Tarzan and the first bus left at 10 AM. I woke up my friend Paula and we got ready to go. I had plans to wear a dress, but ended up not doing so only to find out most people dressed up a little today. Way to go.

The movie didn't start until 12:50, so when we got to Ithaca Mall we had plenty of time to walk around. Luckily for us, some stores still had some semi-annual sales going on so we all actually purchased something. We managed to kill a lot of time, and my friend even got her second ear-piercing. At 12:30 we met up at the entrance of the cinema with a whole lot of other people. Not everyone had arrived yet though, so we took advantage of that to save a whole row for our friends coming on the later buses. Little by little they all showed up and we definitely took up at least 10 seats. The movie, which I will not spoil, was sadly mediocre at best. But, it was an enjoyable experience going with so many people. After the movie was over we tried to catch the 3 PM bus back to Cornell, but there were so many people we had to stay for another half hour at the mall.

The view from the McGraw Tower
We got back to Cornell at almost 4 PM, and we wanted to go to the McGraw Tower at 4:30, so timing was essentially perfect. To get to the tower it was nine levels, and that was tiring, crowded, and smelly. Nevertheless, the Cornell Chimes concert was pleasant and the view was stunning. We all snapped numerous pictures and cooled down up there, as it was windy. About half an hour later, we were down at the bottom again very ready for dinner. Dinner was how it usually is, except all the boys at our table were focused on the Germany vs Italy soccer match.

After we all finished dinner, we went to the soccer field behind the RPCC and we were there for a good hour and a half, maybe two. I didn't do much soccer playing at all, but I got to lay on a blanket on the grass and cheer everyone on so I had a good time. It's surely better than reading in my dorm. The sunset was also really beautiful today and the view from the soccer field wasn't half bad.
Sunset from the soccer field
Once everyone was tired out, Paula and I decided it was probably a good time to do some laundry. If we got that done with, we'd get free time since weekend night check-in isn't until midnight. We had to put money in our ID cards online. It wasn't difficult at all, mostly since I do my own laundry at home. I probably do a poor job at it, but it sufficed today. In between loads, we got to play some extreme night time version of hide and seek tag over the grassy area in between the dorms. After that, we went to Donlon to hang out with our friends. Our friend almost got a code violation because there were 5 people in the dorm and each roommate can only bring 2. Once we got past that, it was a relaxed time.

Tomorrow, we get to hike a national park and swim. There was limited space though, so I'm glad I check my email so often that I registered right away. 

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