Saturday, July 2, 2016

~ A Day Full of Writing~

Today I was able to sleep in which I was happy because I usually wake up at 8 AM, but this time I woke up around 10:30 AM. From there I got dressed and went to go get lunch with Kachi and Diana. Sadly now the dining hall is starting to get boring. We are only allowed to eat there and the other dining hall is not open  to us on weekends so we are forced to eat at the usual one. 
(Left to Right) Kachi, Diana, and me
After lunch Kachi, Diana, and I went to Uris library and I had an essay to write that was due today so I worked on it there at the library. After hours past Kachi and Diana went to go to the mall while I stayed  back and kept writing my essay.

At 5 PM the library closed so I had to leave. From there I stayed in the dorm and I stayed with my friends and we all worked on our essays together. My essay was about Henry Hudson's fatal mistakes that led up to the mutiny which I mentioned it was actually a lot of different mistakes that add on to it. I mentioned that his fatal mistakes as a leader was losing the trust and respect of his crew which in the case of a leader is everything.

We then proceeded to dinner and came back to the dorm to finish the essay. Next thing you know it's almost midnight and I have to to check in. I finished my essay, checked in and hung out with Kachi. My day was very simple, with the whole day just writing, but now look -- it's  time for bed.

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  1. Really think the study of leadership is fascinating. You'll never "finish" learning about it, but how cool is it that you've really had a chance to start it....