Thursday, July 14, 2016

Studying For Finals

We went over the social self and how there isn't a self without others. There isn't because there would be nothing to compare ourselves to to understand what we ourselves are as people. During the discussion we went over questions that were emailed to review for tomorrow's final. After eating lunch, I went to the last seminar. This seminar was given by Cayuga Addiction Rehabilitation Services (CARS). They had three in patients come and tell us their stories. It was very enlightening and interesting listening to all of those people's stories. All of the three started their addiction and went to prison at least once due to a large trauma in their life. It kind of opened up my perspective on people who go to prison because they weren't bad people, but they just had a bad experience that they didn't know how to deal with. 

Janisse, Hillary, Nadia (left to right) 
After that I went back to my dorm and saw that a bunch of people were in my room. There was nadia from New York (my roommate), Janisse from New York, Hillary from New York, and Jordan from Belgium. They were all over so we could study together. I've never really done group studying sessions before. So, it was definitely an interesting experience. A lot of talking was done, but it was still productive and kept my mind from getting too irritated from constant studying. After about two hours we went to dinner and this was pretty exciting because I got ice cream. We then went back and studied some more. 

I made a quizlet again and we were studying and talking. After a awhile some other girls from my floor came and did Jordan's makeup. It was super fun to watch. Nadia, Janisse, and I don't really use any makeup, so we were all sitting there in a completely different world. We got hungry and tired of studying so we ordered from College Town Bagels. I got a bagel with sausage, hashbrown, egg, and bacon. It was really good. I heard that their bagels were really good and I had to try it before I left Ithaca. Right after we finished eating, I spent the next hour and a half or so going over my quizlet again to make sure I knew this week's information. I also looked over the last two weeks quizlets because there's a cumulative multiple choice final with essay questions from this week. The amount of information I had to memorize and know was massive and kind of overwhelming, but I really didn't have any time to freak out because then I wouldn't have been able to know it all without staying up super late. 

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