Saturday, July 16, 2016

~ Where Has The Time Gone~

Today was my final day in class. I am actually really sad, I am going to miss the memories, the campus, and especially the people. Their wasn't really a class discussion everyone just talked a little about the reading overall we have done and that it, it got short. In lecture however, we had a mini ceremony for the students who couldn't come to the graduation tomorrow. After the ceremony we talked about improvements that could be made with the course which I suggested to lay off the reading of one book because it was very repetitive and any time we watched videos in the course have the videos more interactive. Another suggestion that was made was a group presentation instead of the final essay because their is a lot of writing in this course so it would be good to change it up a little.

In the end I took so much from this course I learned about leadership in depth not the general concept of it. I learned so many steps and also what an effective leader must do as in skills or actions. Leaders must always start off with a clear vision, they must enact a strategy or a plan, keep good communication with everyone and recognize hard work and keep up an encouraging environment. These things one might read and assume it is self explanatory,but it is so much more to it. Their is steps to how you must enact each skill.If you sometimes miss a stage everything can go wrong. This course just makes me think about all my decisions more now and helped developed skills that I can put to use in my community, school, and future career. I really loved this class because I feel empowered and more confident I honestly feel like I am on top of the world. It is hard to explain how I feel because so many emotions are all over the place, but I am so happy that I was allowed the opportunity to come to Cornell and take this class. 

After I said my goodbyes to the class a couple of the students and I went to go with our professor Mark to lunch and have our final conversation. It was a good final chat with everyone. I am so happy Mark was my professor because he really is a nice professor and a awesome guy . He is one of the few professors who I can tell actually cares about his students and want to see them succeed in the future.

Diana, I , and Kachi
After the lunch I went with Kachi and Diana to the commons which if you don't recall is downtown Ithaca. I bought this beautiful Alice in Wonderland poster that looked very vintage and unique and I could not help myself, so I had to get it.Downtown has a Berkeley feel to it a lot of things are vintage and unique and almost a hippy feel if you will.

After we went to college town to go get some food together for the last time sadly.We came back to the dorm and I finished my final tweaks on my essay and even took a quick nap. I finally went to the other dorm on campus and hanged out with a giant group of friends that I am going to miss. After it got late I went back to spend my final night with Kachi having  a dance party and laughing about memories. The one good thing though is I met Kachi through this program and we are going back together and she does not live far from me. So I made a new friend who is back at home at least I can take a part of Cornell's memories back with me.

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