Monday, July 11, 2016

~The Final Week~

Today I woke up very late at 8:20 AM I actually got ready in 20 minutes I am very proud of myself I am getting better at waking up in the morning. I went to discussion today talking about Robert Gates leadership book. In discussion we only really talked about bureaucracies and how there is a lot of negative effects like how they they are in people's everyday lives and so they decide a lot of things in your life that can affect you. So if these bureaucracies make a bad decision it reflects in your everyday lives.

In the lecture room our professor only talked about the history of the cold war  as a  setting the scene lecture. It felt like a history class and I already knew all of it because I had AP History this past year.

After class I went to this other dining hall called Trillium which is really good and got a chicken Cesar wrap to go. I went to the library for a while to study and came back to my room and just fell asleep for about two hours. I woke up and finished my reading so I just watched TV shows and and relaxed the rest of the day. Later on in the day the Professor posted our final essay which will be about writing one topic in Gates book that you think is the most important about leadership. I haven't really decided exactly what I am going to pick, but I am meeting with my T.A tomorrow so she will help me narrow down my options. Today was really nice and relaxing, but tomorrow is where all the studying starts.

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