Sunday, July 3, 2016

~ Fireworks to Party~

Today I woke up at 11 AM and got ready with Kachi and headed out to lunch. On my way to the dining hall I tend to slide my feet a lot and this time I tripped very badly to the point that I snapped my sandal. I did not fall though the only bad outcome was my poor sandal. Thankfully one of my friends came and let me borrow his sandals. I proceeded to lunch with wearing flip flops that were double my size. It was very funny to see. After lunch I went to grab other shoes and gave the flip flops back.

Chicken with side of barbecue beans and corn bread
I left my dorm to go meet Mike at 5 to go eat dinner at Gate Way Barbecue which was really great. It was great seeing Mike again after the long days that have passed. Mike is always asking how we are doing in classes and friends wise, which is really good to hear because it's fun to talk  about what has gone on so far. The taste of the food was do delicious and from there the group walked down to the commons. The walk to the Commons was very far,  but since we were walking downhill we didn't feel the walk to much. There were no more buses for us to go back to Balch so we caught a shuttle at Mike's hotel to College town which is only 15 minutes from Balch dorms. Only Joceline and I went back to our dorms while Kachi and the others went to go see a waterfall. Maybe next time I’ll go see it. 

Joceline and I had a great talk walking to our dorms about everything that has happened so far.  After  we reached our dorm I went inside my  room and  took a nap. At first I was not going to go see the fireworks because I never really saw them before so I wasn't as interested. I am happy I ended up  going and found Kachi, Diana, and Shuxin there. The fireworks were so pretty to look at and I brought my mini speaker to enjoy music  everyone. 

The fireworks were so pretty,  they were a little distant, but you could see them. After the fireworks we ended up walking back to our dorm and Kachi and I decided to play this song we both liked. Next thing you know the people in front of us start to sing along and asked if that was us playing the music. We met a whole new giant group of people and on the whole way back we were all dancing and having fun. We passed Balch and went to the other dorm instead and another  group started to dance with all of us also so it was a giant fun party. Than 20 minutes later was check-in so we had to go back, but it was fun while it lasted what can I say. 

I checked in, took a shower and  then went to wash my clothes. Kachi went along with me and we were so scared because the laundry is in the basement so it looks like we are in a scary movie setting, but we made it back alive so all was well. Now time for sleep for tomorrow's barbecue.

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  1. Once again you all tease me photos of some great food. I’ve bene up working in blogs for the past 6 hours and haven’t had breakfast yet so that plate of barbecue looks awful good to me.