Thursday, July 14, 2016

~ Close to the End~

Today I woke up around 7:30 AM to go into discussion where all we talked about was how the training course was. I really liked the trust that was formed being there with every one and all the encouragement that came with it. After the discussion we went into the lecture room where our professor just went over guidelines on what he expects to see in our essay that is due on Friday night. He just added onto making sure you support your claim with evidence and forming a clear thesis statement. Than after the guidelines and making sure everyone was on the same page we surprisingly got our Essay 2 back. I got another A-, but now it was a 92%, so I went up two percent from my last essay and all my comment on how to improve is just to work on rephrasing my essay, but the arguments and evidence were extremely clear and that is what pushed me up to get an A-, so if I can just work on rephrasing and making the essay sound better I can get that A.

After class I went straight to my dorm to take a nap because I slept really late the previous day to work on my essay. From there I went straight to the library and stayed there to work on it and after I went to dinner with Kachi and Diana and we proceeded to do a picnic outside and we bought food. 

We finally got back to the dorm and watched Shark Tank ate our food and now I am back to working on my essay.

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