Wednesday, July 6, 2016

~ From Leadership Skills to Dancing Skills~

Today I woke up at 8 AM to find that my roommate had overslept, so I immediately woke her up. She made it in time thankfully. I had some spare time so I went to go buy some snacks from the the convenience store on campus. From there on I headed to discussion to talk about Amundsen and Scott's race to the South Pole which arose some interesting points.

We have an upcoming essay about Amundsen effective leadership compared to Scott's poor leadership, and ultimately why Scott failed. The main factors that arose was Amundsen positive morale that any leader should have to create an effective and encouraging environment where everyone in the team feels they have a place. While in Scott's case he never really did any encouraging only gave orders , evoking a authoritarian type of leader. The other factor was the flexibility that Amundsen contained to whenever there was a problem he would adjust himself and crew while Scott just kept sticking to his values.The last  I notices was the preparation that was distinguished of the two where Amundsen was ready for the worst case scenario where Scott just assumed everything would go his way.Those will be my main points in my essay I just need to work on the organization and outline of the essay and input information later. 

I then had a guest speaker Erica Dawson who just reiterated the main points of an effective team and made us do an exercise to figure some complex problem and it did not go well. It was very disorganized and just to many voices. The exercise helped show us how really a team should function. We also worked on listening to others which is a big part of being a leader, communication.

From there on I went to my dorm to go read as I had a lot of reading this particular day and later hung out with Kachi and Diana.We all studied together in Diana's dorm commons. Later on towards the end Kachi began to teach me how to  Shoki, which is a Nigerian dance. I started off with the grade F, but have  made it up to the grade C+/  B- according to Professor Kachi. Which is pretty good considering it took me one hour to learn it. I will keep you updated on my Shoki progress.

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