Saturday, July 9, 2016

Slow Day

I woke up around eleven and ate breakfast with Nadia (my roommate), Janice (a girl from my floor), and Hilary (a girl from my roommate's class). After breakfast they went to the art museum, but I went back to my room to work on my essay for class. I spent the next couple of hours reading through articles and outlining my essay. Eventually I decided I would sleep on my desk for a while and then after waking up I got into my bed to continue my nap. 

When I woke up I went to meet my RA, Padmini, and talked about how I felt about summer college. I told her I originally thought the campus was way too large and I hated walking everywhere and I still do, but it's gotten better. We also talked about how my class was going. It was really nice because she told me that it's totally okay if Cornell isn't for everyone.

Something that I realized was how much of a difference campus visits make. I never really thought about visiting any schools because I figured if the school had a program that I liked then it doesn't matter what the campus is like, but after visiting University of Chicago, Northwestern, and Cornell I can really tell that the campus really affects how happy I am. From being at Cornell's campus, I don't think I'll apply there because the atmosphere just doesn't really suit me nor do I enjoy the campus. On the other hand, I really liked U of Chicago and Northwestern for how much smaller they are. I also really like that they are far enough from the city that I don't feel how busy it is, but I could go to the city if I wanted to. Cornell is in the middle of nowhere and I either have to take the bus or walk where I want to go. Plus there really isn't all that much here either way. 

After talking about all that with my RA I went to dinner and talked with the same group I went to breakfast with. We talked about the weirdest foods we eat and/ or like in general. It was super fun and we talked until almost 9:00 PM when we arrived at 6:30 PM. I went back to my dorm and played cards in the study lounge before coming back to my room and working more on my essay. It's proving to be super difficult to condense all the information I want into the essay while still maintaining a good flow, but it's getting there. 

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