Friday, July 15, 2016

Dawn of the End

With waking up came the sad realization that today was the last full day I'd get to spend with  my new friends. I went for a run with Paula and afterwards we talked about the regret of not running everyday since the first week. It made me realize it had really been such a long time since we met.

Breakfast was even more crowded than usual because most people had their finals at 9 or 10 AM. As usual, I did my routine and then went to class. I went to office hours to print out my negative constructive and get some help studying for the final. I ate my last lunch at Trillium, and I wish it would've been the same as my first one, but it wasn't. I went to my final nervous, but actually feeling like I knew the material. I sat down, and after Sam gave out the students that wouldn't be at graduation tomorrow their certificate. Rubin and Armands handed out the tests and the rest is a horror story. The midterm was a simple and straight-forward test, and this one was quite the opposite. 

In about an hour, I was done, because yet again I answered everything I knew and the ones I didn't know I made my best guess. I said goodbye's and thank you's to Sam and Rubin, Armands was MIA. I went to my dorm to relax before whatever my friends and I were going to do, being our last day. I picked up my return key envelope at Appel, and I went to Donlon to wait for everyone. We were probably in our friend Salvador's room for about an hour making plans. Some wanted to go swimming at Treman since it was still open and others go bowling. In the end, we walked to College Town Bagles and then took a bus to the Commons. We hung around the Commons for a while until we tried to go get some Mexican food at Viva! The wait for 10 people was 30 or more minutes. so we went to a place called Madeline's across the street. It was basically fine dining, which was nice for a change. The food options were mostly Italian or Japanese. I ended up ordering some beef skewers and a house salad, which had a delicious dressing and duck prosciutto. We had a really good time during dinner, and we even raised our cups to the amazing time we all had together.
My house salad
Extremely delicious creme brulee
The restaurant offered a variety of desserts, and Keith decided to go check them out. He came back raving about the fact they had chocolate Crème brûlée, and of course I got up from my seat too to check it out. Eva and I decided to share one, and Keith and Doug got one as well. It was delicious, ten out of ten would recommend. We all paid our check and left the restaurant. Outside, we took a group picture, which will be added as soon as it's sent to me, and we met our friend Eva's parents. She's from The City, so they were able to drive out here. Paula and I still wanted to go to the observatory, because she was very sadly leaving at 9 PM. The soonest bus was at 8:30 PM, so we knew we weren't going to make it and I felt really bad.

On the bus back to campus, we all sat pretty quietly as our last night came to an end. Everyone but Eva, Paula, and me got off the bus at the stop by Libe Slope for one last sunset. Eva and I wanted to go to Paula all the way to Balch, because her dad was already there to pick her up. As much as we made an effort not to, the tears still spilled. We all hugged and cried even harder. It was a very difficult moment, since she lived across the hall for me for three weeks we became very close friends. She's a hilarious person and I'm going to miss having that around so frequently. She had to go, so Eva and I went to catch the sunset at Libe Slope. We took more group pictures and just hung out on the slope. There was a brief crying session there too since so many are leaving at 7 AM. We all wish we could stay together for another three weeks, but our time is up.

It was already pretty dark, so we decided to finish our night at the Donlon 5th floor lounge. We sat around, listened to music, and just talked among each other. We stayed there until it was almost midnight so we had to go check-in to our respective halls. Being there made it feel like it wasn't the last night. Yet, it is and we won't be seeing each other again for a while. It's difficult to come to terms with, and it makes me anxious for when I'm in college and that's what life will be like.

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