Thursday, July 7, 2016

~Of Course Rain~

Today I woke up at 8 AM as usual, and I wake up to the hard sound of rain. It rained so hard and it was so humid so I honestly didn't know to dress light or not. Thankfully, when I left the my dorm it stopped raining. Today,in discussion we just kept talking about Amundsen  and Scott pretty much the same things we said yesterday. In lecture we tried another team solving problem. We each were given  a picture and we could not show anyone else and we  had to figure out the sequence of the pictures. Each picture was a zoomed in little by little and we just had to form a line in the correct order. This time it was easier because everyone for the most part got along and work as a team not just individuals.

After class I went straight to the Uris Library to do read.Than I  started my outline for my essay about the difference of Amundsen  and Scott's leadership. Kachi and Diana came and we all studied together. After Kachi and I had to go meet with Janna the associate director of summer college. In the meeting we talked about our experience so far and how we are doing in classes.I have had very positive experiences inside and outside the classroom. From learning more about myself  in my course to meeting all the new people and having fun with everyone. Janna was very nice to  us and a really sweet person. She  gave us her card in any case we had any future questions.

One of the beautiful sites
From the meeting Kachi, Diana, and I went to Insomnia Cookie because it is amazing of course. We all went to go eat dinner  and  headed out too hiking club where we visited a bridge and different gorges,  but then it started raiing so we had to go back. It finally stopped and Kachi, Diana, and I went to go run around Bebe lake. Kachi mostly walked though. I did not take any pictures this time because my phone sadly died, but next time. I finally went to my dorm and played ping pong. 

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