Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cold Day, Even Colder Water

AMAZING chocolate chip pancakes
Today I had brunch with my lovely cohort, more like just Shuxin, and Mike. Thanks to the fact Mike had a car to drive around, we were able to go to the State Diner which is a little further from the Commons so Shuxin and I were unsure of how we'd get there by public transportation such as bus. I had seen it on my bike ride yesterday, but didn't pay too much attention to it since it looked so sketchy. To my surprise, and pleasure, the food there was really delicious and the diner itself was really classic and aesthetically pleasing. Shuxin and I shared a ham and cheese omelette along with some chocolate chip pancakes. We caught up on the usual things, like what we had been up to and how our classes were going. I've mentioned it before, but because of our different schedules I don't really see much of Shuxin. 

When we were done eating, we convinced Mike to take us to Wegman's, not because we needed to purchase something but because he spoke so highly of this supermarket. We took a short walk in the rain to Mike's car, which I didn't mind at all because I missed the cold weather. Sweating on my 10 minute walk to class is not the business. We got to Wegman's and I was not disappointed at all. The store was huge, like a Cotsco, which is wholesale store. Except, it had everything that a Target and a Safeway would have combined. It was beautiful in a strange way. I wish we had one back in California, there would be no need to visit multiple stores. 
It's a lot bigger, I promise
The only good pictures were when
I faced away from the camera
Mike dropped us off right by Balch, and Shuxin and I just went back to our dorms. I had an affirmative constructive to continue working on and she had a Psychology essay to work on as well. I hung out in Paula's room for a while, while we both worked homework. at 2:40 PM we got ready to meet up for yet another trip this weekend! This time we went to Treman State Park. The experience was a lot better than Buttermilk Falls, due to all the rain this morning. We tried to hike for a while, but as we went up the slope we saw the swimming area and basically fell in love. The waterfall that led to the pool of water was so appealing, we went right back down to swim. They even had a diving board, which I only went off once, but that was enough. Our friend Eva had missed the bus to the park, thus she took a cab to it so we met up with her before swimming. Once at the swim area, I saw Shuxin and Kachi were there too, with Diana but the one from the midwest not from our cohort. It was a lot of fun attempting to get close to the waterfall, because it was really hard to breathe with all that water hitting my face. We also took lots of pictures, but most of them were just hilarious rather than nice.

Also here's me jumping off the board
I didn't even feel the time go by, before we knew it it was 5 PM and we had to start drying off so we could take the bus back to campus. This morning I was unsure if I still wanted to go to Treman, but I do not regret it a single bit. As soon as I got back to campus, I dropped my things off in my room and met up with Amelia from my class to go to the cookout our class was having. There's a Hotel School student taking the debate class, named Henry, who hosted a post-research cookout for the class. About half the class showed up, which was nice. I had a lamb burger for what I believe was the first time, and it was delicious. I brought Paula with me, since we've been almost inseparable, and she felt bad at first because she isn't in the class, but being a hospitality student Henry offered her food too. The get together lasted only about 2 hours, but it was a pleasant outside of class bonding time with most people. 
The spheres light up!

Before getting back to study, I went to the architecture building with Paula and Eva and we hung around these shiny semi-spheres that are there for whatever unknown purpose. People love to jump around on them or simply sit on the incline, and that's just what we did. I cannot believe it's my third and last weekend here at Cornell.

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