Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Getting My Quiz Back

I got my quiz back today after the main lecture. I did a little bit above the average, which is pretty good. There was only this one part that I messed up on because I didn't know who Nisbett and Cohen were so I didn't get any credit for that question, but otherwise all my other answers were spot on. I have a better understanding of what to study for now, so I hope to do better on my next couple of quizzes. 

We discussed emotions today and how they can affect us. It was enlightening because we talked about how it is sympathy and anger for others who are being treated poorly that really sparks a need for social justice. I later talked about this idea with Christopher Tan from the University of Pennsylvania cohort (at the Academy of Social Justice) and it was great how much we talked about the different issues in our society and what causes them. I totally forgot about blogging as I talked to Chris, but the conversation was worth it. 

After class, I ate lunch and went back to my dorm to do today's reading and part of tomorrow's before heading off to my second class where we talked about depression. Students from Cornell’s Minds Matter, a student organization that helps with mental health issues, helped out today. The teacher and a Cornell's Minds Matter performed a skit about how to help somebody who might be depressed. It showed when you need to reason with them and question while still being understanding. 

When that class finished I went back to my dorm and did more work before going to dinner with my roommate and a bunch of other people. There were two others from New York and one person from Turkey. It was great because everyone at the table really cared about different political and social issues so we talked about a lot of that. Such as Islamophobia really becoming a problem and different documentaries on Netflix that are important. 

It was several hours later that I started the discussion with Chris that went on for a while. We talked about LGBTQ issues and what social justice is. Having all these different conversations with people who were aware about issues in today's society was really enlightening and forced me to critically think about everything, which was fun. 

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